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Welcome to Newtown Primary School


Class Three includes children from Year Five and Year Six

Class teacher: Miss Corinne Golightly. Teaching assistant: Miss Chloe Hudson.


As part of our Victorians topic, we have drawn some portraits of Queen Victoria from her Diamond Jubilee.






On 2nd Feb some children went to New Mills Leisure Centre to meet Dame Sarah Storey and learn to play boccia. We met up with Thornsett too.


On 30th of January the whole school had an exciting day taking part in an escape- room style maths challenge. We worked in teams to solve puzzles and crack codes.




On the 23rd of January children from Class 2 and 3 went to Manchester Arena to take part in the Young Voices 2018 concert. There were over 5,000 children singing and dancing in the choir. We had an amazing time and I'm sure the children will remember it for a long time!




 Welcome to a new school year! Attached is the information letter for the new term. New term letter               

 Our science topic is 'Light'. We have made some fun glasses and are going to write instructions for them.





 One of our parents is trained as a Forest School teacher. She kindly volunteered to come into school and ran two lovely sessions in our wild garden where the children made bracelets, mini shelters and explored our wild garden environment.





Our highlight of the end of term is our annual school play. This year KS2 are performing 'The Amazing Adventures of Superstan!'
















The topic for our Summer term is Anglo- Saxons.

We visited Tatton Park for an Anglo- Saxon day. We wore cloaks fastened with the badges we made. We made Anglo- Saxon bread and learned how to use a shield. It was lots of fun!






We have made fearsome Anglo-Saxon warrior collages:



Our annual visit to Whitehall was a success. The children really benefitted from time away from home to be independent and develop team work. We shared the hall with Thornsett and Hayfield schools which enabled the children to mix with those they will be meeting at secondary school.












The topic for our Spring term was Mountains. Here are some of the things we have done:

   We are enjoying visits from Dr Irving who is a parent and a governor. He has a lot of knowledge about mountains which he has been sharing with us!



 Spring Term:

6th April

Today we had a visit from 'Loudmouth' as part of our ongoing Safeguarding education. The workshop focussed on different kinds of bullying and what the children can do if they feel they are being bullied or see bullying happening.


5th April

It was our exciting Easter eggstravaganza. Egg decorating competition in the morning and House Easter themed activities in the afternoon. Here are some of our egg models:











We have been working on a TASC activity to make a mountain scene. Here are some of our models:









Wednesday 29th March. Mr Kirkman is working in our class at the moment. He showed the children how to make origami birds this afternoon. It was really tricky!


Wednesday 22nd March. Some of our Year 5 children took part in the PEGS High 5 Netball tournament. They played really well together as a team and are through to the next round!


Wednesday 8th March

We had visitors this afternoon who led an anti- smoking workshop. This gave the children lots of information about smoking and its effects. It also equipped the children with strategies to help with saying no to cigarettes.

 March. We are working on an exciting joint project with Class 3 from Thornsett Primary School where Mr Parry is also Headteacher. We are working towards taking part in the ''Bloodhound' rocket car competition.

Our first meeting was at Newtown where the children got to know each other by taking in a 'Who Dunnit?' style challenge.



Our second meeting on Thursday 2nd March was at the Adult Education Centre in New Mills. We worked in groups to investigate aerodynamics, designed cars and made a prototype. We used lots of maths in different ways today!







 Our third meeting was on Thursday 16th March. We travelled to Stockport College to race our cars with rockets powering them. The army were there to supervise it safely. We had a winner from our two schools who were thrilled that their aerodynamic design worked so well!



1st March. Derbyshire Music Partnership are creating a Derbyshire song entitled: 'Best You Can Be.' Young people in the county have been asked to contribute words for the song. We used the poem 'Potential' by Lemn Sissay as inspiration for our own poems. The children used some imaginative and sensitive ideas in the beautiful poems they created which will be sent to the Music Partnership.


Wednesday 22nd February. We had a workshop with Dawn Richardson this afternoon. She was developing the children's skills as leaders and playground buddies. The children had fun inventing their own games and teaching them to the other class members.







We are focussing on 'Staying Safe Online' in our ICT lessons. This week was Internet Safety Day. We made some board games that showed what we have learned about internet safety and played them with Class Two to share our knowledge.




We have been enjoying some boxing lessons using our Sports Premium funding. It is hard work but is showing the children how to improve their fitness.


This is our basketball team. We have already won a tournament which we were very pleased about!  On  Wednesday (1st Feb) we took  part in another tournament in the New Mills cluster of schools.


Our Science topic is 'Classification' . We had a fun lesson where we created a branching database for sweets.

Mountain artwork using photographs as inspiration.







We looked at the art of Craig Muderlak- an American mountaineer and artist. He uses a mix of media to create beautiful images of mountains.




We created our own art using this as an inspiration.







Some of our Year 5 girls made up two dance routines to take part in the New Mills Dance afternoon. Here they are showing the dances in assembly.




Autumn Term:

The girls' team for the New Mills schools cluster (PEGS) football tournament.




As part of our 'Forces' Science topic, we investigated parachutes.





We investigated upthrust by making boats. We had a challenge to see how many marbles we could fit in a boat.


We learned about levers by making see-saws.


We used our science understanding of different mechanisms to design and make a toy that moved with cams. The toy had to show a scene from a Greek Myth to link to our topic work.



Just before Christmas we had a workshop exploring African art and culture. We learned an African dance. We also decorated material using finger painting. The material was turned into Christmas tree decorations for our school tree that was part of St. George's church Christmas tree festival.




During this term, the children took it in turns to lead an assembly. They shared interests such as: cycling, swimming, gymnastics, drumming and pets.





                  We had a really interesting day visiting Manchester Museum. It was a Greek workshop session where we pretended to be merchants, created monster drama pieces and looked at real Greek artefacts.


The next day in school we created board games based on Ancient Greece.



We took part in Children in Need Day .  We dressed up in spotty clothes and made cakes to sell.