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The flu immunisation programme takes place in the Autumn Term. Follow the link to FLU IMMUNISATION LEAFLET FOR PARENTS.




RE: The return to school for all pupils at the beginning of the Autumn term following the school’s partial closure due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Dear Parents,

I am writing to inform you of the steps we will be taking to fully reopen to all pupils this September and share what you need to know to help your child prepare for their return to school in the new academic year.

We understand that the return to school is vital for your child’s education and wellbeing; therefore, we will ensure that all pupils can return in the Autumn term and do so safely. While the risk to children becoming severely unwell due to coronavirus is considered to be very low, we will continue to put control measures in place, in line with the results of the relevant risk assessments, to help keep all members of our school community safe.

We appreciate that there may be some of you who have questions regarding return to school. Should you have any queries or concerns after reading the information in this letter, please contact school at and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

When the school will reopen

The school will reopen fully on Thursday 3rd September to all pupils in all years, and any previous arrangements to limit school places during the coronavirus pandemic will no longer be in effect.


In line with National guidance, attendance for all pupils is mandatory from the beginning of the Autumn term. The usual rules regarding term-time absence requests will also be in place. Pupils who are self-isolating due to presenting with symptoms of coronavirus, or have been exposed to somebody presenting with symptoms of coronavirus, must not attend school until the self-isolation period has passed or they test negative for coronavirus. If your child presents with coronavirus symptoms, the self-isolation period is seven days; if a member of your household presents with coronavirus symptoms, the self-isolation period for your child is 14 days.

How pupils will be grouped

Consistent groups will be enforced when pupils return to school at the start of the Autumn term. We aim for this arrangement to help reduce the risk of coronavirus transmission by limiting the number of people pupils encounter throughout the school day. Enforcing strict group arrangements will also help us reduce the number of people who will be asked to self-isolate should a member of the group become ill with coronavirus.

From September, pupils will be grouped into Class Bubbles until further notice. The classes will not be permitted to mix at this time, including during breaktimes and lunchtimes. We will continually review the effectiveness of enforcing these groups, as we understand this arrangement may present educational and logistical challenges.

Should any of the above group arrangements change at any time, the school will notify you as soon as possible.

Recovery Curriculum

When we return to school our daily timetables and learning programmes will be a little different to usual. There will be a focus on both core Reading, Writing and Maths skills as well as a provision for supporting well-being too. Classes will be outdoors more, with a wide range of other activities that will help the children with their learning and development. As always, we will put fun and enjoyment at the top of the list too.

Contact with school

Please avoid face-to-face conversations with members of staff and ask that you email school, instead. Please use cashless payments where possible and remember school meals need to be paid in advance. Dinner money prices have increased to £2.20 per meal / £11 per week.

If your question / information is for the class teacher and not urgent – you can email them directly at:

Teachers will reply as soon as they are possible.

Getting to school

We have introduced some changes to arriving / picking-up from school, to allow for effective social distancing and infection control. Please see the table below for information for each class.



Arrival  /  Pick-up Arrangements


8:45am - use the steps at the front of school and move to the right of the playground.

3.15pm - use the steps at the front of school and move to the right of the playground.


8:30am – 8.45am - use the steps at the front of the school, keep to the left side of the playground and drop at the usual door. Children come straight in to class to avoid congestion with Sett Class.

3.05pm – 3.15pm - use the steps at the front of the school, keep to the left side of the playground and wait for a member of staff to bring your child out to you. Leave straight away to avoid congestion with Sett Class.


8:45am - wait on the pavement opposite the back steps to school. A member of staff will be there to escort children into school.

3:20pm - be dismissed from the back steps to school.


There are several rules we need everyone to follow at arrival and pick-up times to ensure we do not have to introduce more staggered timings that will shorten the school day:

  • One adult per family, if possible
  • Do not linger
  • Maintain some social distancing
  • Do not drive up to school unless absolutely necessary
  • Be prompt and keep to timings – if late you will need to come to the Reception door

Crossing patrol will be at Aspenshaw Road as usual, but we have been informed this week that Linda is retiring. This means we will have no crossing patrol at Dr’s End until further notice - DCC will assess the provision as soon as possible. We have passed on some flowers and a card, but will also organise a collection in September.

Infection control and social distancing measures as of September

It is important that we maintain proportionate infection control and social distancing measures when we welcome back all pupils and staff from the start of the Autumn term. To ensure everyone’s safety, we will be enforcing the following (amongst other measures) as part of our risk management plan:

  • Anyone who is unwell and displaying symptoms of coronavirus will be asked to stay at home for seven days.
  • Robust hand and respiratory hygiene practises will be encouraged and enforced.
  • Enhanced cleaning will be undertaken as necessary, including cleaning any frequently touched surfaces throughout the day.
  • The NHS ‘Test and Trace’ system will be actively used and followed.
  • Limitations will be placed on the number of people staff and pupils encounter during the school day.
  • Large gatherings will not take place, e.g. assemblies, after school clubs, events involving other schools, educational visits to busy public spaces.
  • Pupils will be grouped together and asked to remain in these groups.
  • Contact between groups will be avoided.
  • Where possible, pupils will be asked to maintain some social distancing, avoid sitting face-to-face, etc.
  • Abide by any rules outside of school too.

Should any of the above protective measures change at any time, including the need to close the school due to a local lockdown, we will contact you as soon as possible.

If your child becomes unwell

If your child becomes unwell at school and develops a new, continuous cough, a high temperature, or a loss of, or change in, their normal sense of smell or taste, they will be sent home immediately. They will be told to self-isolate within the school and supervised, as necessary, until they can be collected. The school will contact you as soon as possible should your child need to go home. It is therefore vital that we have your up-to-date contact details, please contact us  as soon as possible to notify us of any changes.

If your child becomes unwell at home and is presenting with symptoms of coronavirus (listed above), we ask that your child does not attend school and instead stays at home for the next seven days or until they test negative for coronavirus. We request all parents whose child is presenting with coronavirus symptoms to get their child tested (see information at the end of this letter) and, where required, their family. Please contact the school office before 8:20am to notify us that your child will not be attending. We also ask that you send us as soon as possible the text with the result of the coronavirus tests that have undertaken.

From September, school has to contact our Local Health Protection Team for advice following confirmed cases of CV19. They will inform us of the next steps the school has to take – these may include individuals needing to self-isolate ; partial or class bubble isolation or whole school lockdown. As of writing this letter, we have still had no confirmed cases of CV19 for pupils or staff at either school.

Catering arrangements

School kitchens will be fully open from the start of the Autumn term and will serve both hot and cold food. There may be some variations in menus to aid more effective serving of foods. Free school meals (FSM) will be provided as normal. Pupils will be asked to remain in their designated groups at lunchtime and will eat their lunches in the hall. Infection control and social distancing measures will be enforced during lunchtime and we ask that pupils do not share food, utensils, or cups at this time.

School uniform

The school expects all pupils to wear school uniform from the beginning of the Autumn term. To reduce close contact between staff and pupils, elasticated waist trousers / skirts and Velcro shoes would be preferred. For younger children, get them to practice dressing, undressing and changing into and out of uniform into PE kits, putting coats on and off, etc. As always, please name everything! We will continue to engage in much learning outside, so please ensure your child has appropriate coat / sun hat, etc. depending on the weather. We also ask that PE kits are provided for both indoor and outdoor use. We encourage any new footwear to be ‘worn in’ as we will be taking children for walks and don’t want them to struggle with uncomfortable shoes / trainers.

Breakfast Club

We will start Breakfast Club from Monday 7th September. Start time is 8:10am and the cost is £1.50 / session. We will be serving a range of foods that are easier for staff to prepare and a drink will be provided too. There will be no food served for children arriving after 8:25am. Children will remain in Class Bubbles for their Breakfast Club session. You will now need to book a place a week in advance by either calling school, or emailing Jane in the office at

Reading Books

We are aware that we have many Reading Scheme books still at home – please send them back in September.

Home Learning

Please hold onto the Home Learning that has been completed. However, we want to collect pieces of learning that children might be particularly pleased with / proud of and put them into a Scrap Book. If children have anything they really want us to see, it will be great to receive one or two pieces of learning per child.


Your child’s Mathletics account will be refreshed on Monday 27th July 2020, ready for the results from the next school year and results and progress bars will be reset. Your child’s Avatar, certificates and Live Mathletics scores will still be there, ready for another exciting year of Maths!


We are always really appreciative for any additional help we receive in school – please email if you would like to help out during the 2020-21 school year. We will review when we can accept volunteers, but at the moment this is unlikely to be from the start of the Autumn Term.

2020-21 Term Dates

These are attached to this letter.

A Few Words

I would like to thank you for your continued hard work and co-operation during the coronavirus pandemic. We are committed to supporting you and your child as they transition back into school routine and we are looking forward to seeing everyone again in September. I also wish to thank all the staff for their dedication, care and resilience – they have been phenomenal.

We hope you and your family stay safe and well.

Mr Parry and the Thornsett Team

2020-2021 Academic Year Term Dates

Thursday 3rd September 2020 – Thursday 22nd October 2020
Monday 2nd November 2020 – Thursday 17th December 2020
Monday 4th January 2021 – Friday 12th February 2021
Monday 22nd February 2021 – Wednesday 31st March 2021
Monday 19th April 2021 – Friday 28th May 2021
Monday 7th June 2021 – Wednesday 21st July 2021







Bank Holidays

25th and 28th December 2020
1st January 2021
2nd April 2021 (Good Friday)
5th April 2021 (Easter Monday)
3rd May 2021
31st May 2021 (Spring Bank Holiday)
30th August 2021 (Summer Bank Holiday)

Test and Trace

Information for parents and carers


Do not leave home, except to get a test.

Find out how to get a test at or call 119

  • Anyone, whatever their age, who develops symptoms can get a test.
  • Book a test within five days of experiencing a high temperature, a new, continuous cough or loss or change to sense of smell or taste.
  • The test involves taking a swab of the nose and throat. Children aged 12 or over can use the swab themselves or can have help. Children aged 11 or under will need a parent or carer to do it for them.
  • If you or someone in your household tests positive for coronavirus you’ll be contacted by the NHS Track and Trace team. You’ll be asked where you have visited and who you’ve been in contact with. It is important that you give the correct information to keep everyone safe.
  • Your close contacts will be asked to self-isolate at home to stop the spread of the virus. If you are traced as a close contact you must stay at home.
  • We’re all in this together. By doing the right thing you are helping to protect your friends and family and things can get back to normal more quickly.






Dear Parents,

We hope you are all well.

Below are a few updates for your attention:

Return to school of other year groups

The Government guidance update on Monday allowed for schools to permit other year groups to attend, if there was capacity. Our Y6 bubbles have a smaller number of children, so we have invited Y5 pupils to join them from Monday 22nd June. Y5 was chosen as the children are more able to walk to / from school independently, allowing less pressure if there are siblings still at home and they also have formed good friendships with Y6 pupils over their time at school. We have made adaptations to the classrooms to allow for the extra children do join us and still be in line with guidelines and risk assessments.

Return to school for other year groups

At the moment, the guidance doesn’t allow us to invite children from other year groups, as we do not have the space or staffing to do this safely. We do not anticipate any further changes to the guidance before the end of term for this particular respect. We are planning for all the children to return in September, but that is dependent on several changes to the guidance being introduced.

Following social distancing out of school

As some relaxations to the rules have been introduced and also seeing images of rallies of people, queues at non-essential shops, etc. it is all too easy to forget that there are still strict rules about social distancing. Remember, time can be spent outdoors with up to six people, whilst maintaining 2m distancing. If there is only one adult in a household (with/without dependent children), you may form a ‘support bubble’ with only one other household. It is really important everyone continues to follow this guidance as we increase the number of children in school. Please note, if one person within a bubble does test positive for Covid19, the rest of the bubble then need to self-isolate for 14 days.

School reports

Teachers are preparing school reports ready to go out at the start of July. The reports will be briefer this year, but also give the opportunity for you to let us know how the last few months have been too. The children will be able to let us know their thoughts as well. We will be offering a phone conversation with your child’s class teacher towards the end of term. It will explain on page two of the reports how to let us know you would like a phone conversation.

Are there plans for opening in the Summer?

The government have suggested there may an arrangement of ‘clubs’ to provide sporting, play or cultural provision. However, there is no detail yet and it is getting close to the Summer for this to be arranged. School will not be opening in the Summer as staff need a deserved break – remember, they have worked through the Easter and Whit school holidays. This is in line with the decision of all the local schools and gets the complete support of DCC and our school governors, who have staff well-being as a priority.

Will children get extra support when they come back to school?

We are aware that there will be a wide difference in the effect the last few months will have had on pupil’s learning and well-being. We are planning our usual exciting topics with some flexibility, so we are better able to respond to the needs of the children. We do know that for the children who have returned to school, they are pleased to be alongside friends and are very much enjoying the return to school. We would anticipate this would also be the case when we welcome back all of the children.

The Government have announced plans to fund some extra support for children from September. This appears to be through use of tutors, to help the children whilst at school. As has been the case throughout the last few weeks, we read the headlines and then the details gradually follow. In theory, this could be a welcome provision and we would hope the details are provided before the Summer break, so we can plan sooner for its implementation.

Messages of support

I would like to say a huge thank you for the kind words that have been received - the positive impact on staff morale following such messages is huge. There has been a fantastic collective effort in very stressful circumstances and I am very proud of how our schools have done all they can to provide the best possible support.

Take care and stay safe,

Mr Parry and the High Peak Federation Team

Dear Parents,

Thank you for all you have done in the past two weeks in helping us navigate our way through the guidelines and rules set out by the government. It has been so lovely being back at school, and the children have settled amazingly well under the circumstances.

Our lovely Sett Class bubble has now reached sixteen children (starting from next Monday). As per guidance, we have taken advice from DCC and this means the way we run the day needs to be altered slightly. This is to ensure there are never more than fifteen children in the classroom at any one time throughout the day.

The staff in Sett Class have rearranged the daily routine slightly to ensure this can be achieved, but we need your help to manage the start and end of the day to guarantee we are sticking to the regulations and risk assessments. This will mean a slight change to the drop off and pick up times each day. These will now be as follows:

  • 0845 OR 0900
  • 1450 OR 1500

We are hoping that these staggered times will allow for a calm and appropriately social distanced drop off and pick each day.

Miss Williams will be out in the playground on THURSDAY MORNING and THURSDAY AFTERNOON with a time slot sheet, where you can make your time preference known. If you are easy with whichever time, I will pop your name down in the slot which has fewest children.

Many thanks for your support and patience, and as ever, please feel free to (non-contact) grab me before or after school if you need to communicate a message.


Miss Williams


Dear Parent,

Yesterday, the Government announced that the return of year groups other than R,Y1, Y6 and Key Worker / Vulnerable pupils is not to go ahead as planned. We now need to establish a settled provision and need any parents of children in the above year groups with children not currently attending to let us know if they require a place.

Based on conversations with parents this week, we will be at / close to capacity for most of the groups, so it is really important we know your plans. Depending on requests, this may take some time to organise if we exceed the maximum bubble size of 15 – please be patient as we work through this.

Please email school by FRIDAY LUNCHTIME with any requests (if you have not already done so this week).

Kind Regards,

Mr Parry and the High Peak Federation team



Addendum to current Privacy Notice for Thornsett Primary School

Personal data of employees, parents or visitors to school may be shared with NHS/PUBLIC HEALTH AGENCIES where relevant to the COVID-19 pandemic.



Dear Parents,

We are now into our second week following the wider return to school. The bubbles have settled well and we are continuing to implement the requirements from the guidelines. Here are questions that have been asked during the last few days…

Do we know what the plans are for return to school for other year groups?

We don’t – at the moment, we find out through the same daily briefings as everyone else. We would hope to get some guidance soon.

Can my child attend a bubble they are entitled to join, at a later point?

Yes. However, there is a bubble limit of 15 children so would need to ask DCC for advice first if a request for places was made for a bubble that was already at 15. We have not received any direction to stop admitting more children, but I am sure many of you will have read such recommendations for the wider North West Region. At the moment, DCC has not given us this guidance.

What will happen with reports / parental consultations?

We are required to send home written reports. At the Full Governing Body Meeting last week, we suggested sending out shorter reports, but also offering a consultation with your child’s teacher too. This would help us to plan for when all the children return as well as giving you the opportunity to explain how everything has been going since March.

What happens if staff become ill?

As we have to keep the same staff members within each bubble, if staff become ill within that bubble – we may need to close the group until members of staff are well again. We will give you as much notice as possible, as the children are not allowed to transfer to another bubble.

What if someone has a confirmed case of Covid19?

If anyone within a bubble has tested positive they would need to self-isolate for 7 days and everyone else (including the household) for 14 days. Whilst we are following rules up at school, it is vital this is reinforced out of school too as one confirmed case will effectively close a bubble for two weeks.

What about before / after school care?

Unless a before / after school provider is based on the school site it is not allowed to operate at the moment.

Will there be school crossings every day?

At the moment, school crossing will be in place Monday to Thursday.

Will hot dinners be provided every day?

Usually. However, if numbers are very low on Fridays for the KWV group a packed lunch may be provided instead.

We also appreciate that the majority of children are still at home. We will continue to do our best to provide children with home learning and are thankful for the parents who are providing support with this too.

Take care and stay safe.

Mr Parry and the Thornsett team


Dear Parents,

We are now in a position to welcome back pupils from Reception, Year One and Year Six (in addition to children of key workers and vulnerable pupils) following:

  • announcement from Government that the five key conditions have been met for return to school
  • both schools completing all necessary preparations and risk assessments
  • the full governing body being satisfied that school has done all that is required

The following was included in last week’s letter:

  • There will be three groups of children - referred to as bubbles: REC/Y1 (Monday to Thursday), Y6 (Monday to Thursday) and Key Workers / Vulnerable (KWV) (Monday to Friday).
  • These groups will be of a maximum of 15 pupils, although most groups will be significantly less than this.
  • Pupils will be kept in the same groups, with the same staff, in the same rooms and will not be interacting with any other group at all.
  • Windows will be kept open to ensure fresh air is circulated.
  • Dinners will be served to pupils in their classrooms. Due to produce deliveries not being as consistent at the moment, menus may differ to those expected, although children will be able to choose their meal at the start of each day.
  • Only the correct number of chairs and tables will be in the room. All unnecessary furniture and items that can’t be cleaned thoroughly will be removed from all classrooms.
  • Older pupils will have their own table, books and stationery.
  • Parents, carers and guardians will be expected to practise social distancing when arriving at, and leaving, school to ensure our community stays safe. Please be patient and respectful, especially as people move up and down the steps to school and do not linger for conversations too. We would ask that if possible, only one parent drops off at / collects from school.
  • Outdoor activities will be used as much as possible.
  • Children should wear uniform from the waist up, but with joggers / shorts / leggings and trainers.
  • There will be no before and after school provision, or clubs, until September at the earliest.
  • Any pupils who are unwell will be sent home. Any pupils or members of the immediate family with a confirmed case of Covid 19 will need to isolate for 14 days and that group of children’s parents will be notified and those children will not be able to come into school for 14 days. It will be requested that all members of the families are tested.

       The main symptoms of coronavirus are:

  1. a high temperature – this means you feel hot to touch on your chest or back (you do not need to measure your temperature)
  2. a new, continuous cough – this means coughing a lot for more than an hour, or 3 or more coughing episodes in 24 hours (if you usually have a cough, it may be worse than usual)
  3. a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste – this means you've noticed you cannot smell or taste anything, or things smell or taste different to normal


  • Handwashing routines will be in place.
  • The DFE guidelines, and also our advice, is that although every measure will be taken, we cannot guaranteesocial distancing in school at all times.   
  • There will be some one-way systems established within school and break times and lunchtimes will be staggered to ensure groups do not cross.
  • Appropriate PPE will be given to staff based on advice at the time and first aid will be administered by a member of staff in goggles, face mask, plastic apron and gloves.
  • Home learning will still be provided for those children not at school. However, due to the additional time, commitment and vigilance required from staff to keep those in school safe, this provision may need to change. We hope any change is kept to a minimum.
  • Arrangements for dropping off and picking up are:
    • REC/Y1 – 8:45am – 3:00pm (front steps into front playground)
    • Y6 – 8:45am – 3:20pm (back gate into back playground)
    • KWV – same arrangements to continue (front steps to main entrance)

In addition, please read carefully this further information:

  • Much of our learning will be outdoors, so children will need appropriate clothing for all sets of weather. Please ensure your child is sent with a sun hat. They should either bring labelled sun cream that they can apply themselves or have already applied a brand that will give protection for the whole day (e.g. Calypso Once-a-day). Sending a spare sun cream to stay in school may also be useful. They should also have a lightweight waterproof coat. If children arrive at school and they do not have appropriate clothing / sun cream they will not be able to engage with outdoor learning. If the group were all heading outside, you could also be asked to take your child home and return with them once they have appropriate clothing / sun cream / sun hat / coat.
  • Please do not bring to school and bags, toys, drinks, hand gels, books or homework. If you have school reading books at home – these should be returned in a plastic bag on Monday and we will clean them before returning them to the class libraries. We will not be sending books back home.
  • Although the fruit for younger children service has been suspended, we have organised fruit for all the children at morning break, so no snacks need to be sent in to school.
  • Please ensure any communication with those at school is kept to a minimum and only if essential. We would ask you to phone / email any important messages to avoid direct face to face engagement.
  • Crossing Patrol will continue to be in place.
  • Please avoid using cash payments – we would much prefer use of the School Money system.
  • We will provide a pack of tissues for children to keep in their drawer.
  • Please talk to your children about how return to school will have much the same, but that there will be differences too. It is worth encouraging very regular hand-washing as this will be taking place throughout the school day.


Messages Specific to Classes or Bubbles:


Reception / Year One

  • Do not bring anything for show and tell!


Keyworker & Vulnerable Children


We have been working as a group for some time now, but the following is useful information:


  • As before, let Mrs Tinker know, by Thursday at the very latest, requirements for the following week.
  • Drop off and pick up at the red door. Maintain social distancing on the steps up to school and whilst waiting for your child.
  • Sett Class parents and children will be using the same steps up to school so if possible avoid 8:45am and 3pm.
  • The day will be a little more structured since we are restricted with some activities and now have a timetable for the use of outside space, but Graham from Forest School and PAS will continue for our ‘bubble’.


Year Six


We are asking children to use the back gate. Please wait at a 2m social distance until your teacher collects you. At 3.20pm you will also leave from the back gate and crossing patrol will have moved up to their too. Again, maintain social distances as you go home.


Mersey Class Home Learning and School Learning Changes


Home Learning:

  • We will attempt to continue the same frequency and standard of assignments for English/Topic and Maths we have, individualised for each year group.  Please bear with us: as Miss Murphy will be taking the majority of the school-based learning and Mr Senior continues to have childcare to deal with, this may not always be as consistent as it has been. 
  • Maths Activities will be scheduled for 0900 every morning on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, or as near as possible to this.  These should be completed and sent back to Miss Murphy, using the TURN IN function on Google Classroom. Miss Murphy will continue to give live support.  Children can complete tasks in their Maths books, photograph the work and return this.  
  • The standard and consistency of work so far in English and Topic has been patchy, from most children.  The first two weeks of the next half term should be spent getting up to date on all previous tasks.  Mr Senior will send an individual message to each child, detailing the tasks they haven’t completed and which need to be done.  All of these should be completed and TURNED- IN by the end of week 2. 
  • Following this, Mondays and Tuesdays will be a Topic / English assignment.  Children will no longer be given a whole week to complete these, as this may encourage them to get on with their assignments more quickly. Each task will state when it is due. 
  • Wednesdays will be a reading activity, based on the Audible Stories we have been studying up to now.  
  • All children in Mersey Class will receive a physical Home Learning pack, containing three weeks’ worth of activities across all subjects.  These do not have to be done straight away, and the activities can be spread out so that they are completed by the end of summer term, or when more children return to school.  These activities can be completed on Thursdays and Fridays, but do not need to be sent to teachers through Google Classroom.
  • Children should still have their Lock Down Diaries that were given out before school stopped.  Children should continue to fill these in as regularly as possible.  


School Based Learning

  • Whilst children are in school on Monday - Thursday, a lot of learning will still be Google Classroom based.  This will allow children who have chosen not to return to school, to continue their learning alongside their peers, plus it means Mr Senior can continue working to support children’s learning from home.  
  • Children in school will still receive a Home Learning Pack, to support them when they are not at school. 
  • This applies, also, to children in the Key Worker group, however, they may also have additional learning set by their staff supporters.  

I know there’s a lot to read, but it is essential we follow the above regulations to maximise the safety for all.

I need to say thank you for the continued kind words you are sending to school – we really appreciate them. I also need to say a huge thank you to the staff who have worked through  half-term (as well as Easter) to support the KWV group and engage in a massive effort to get school ready for June 1st.

Please take care of yourselves and stay safe.

Many Thanks,

Mr Parry and the Thornsett team.





Dear Parents, carers and pupils,

I am sure you are all well aware of the announcement that Primary Schools in England may open for Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 pupils from 01/06/20. Further guidance for schools and parents was issued on Monday 11/05/2020 and 150 further pieces of updated guidance have continued to follow.

Although we will be ready to open on June 1st, please be very aware that this is still an aim based on the current guidance not changing and the five key indicators set out by the Government being met. You should have childcare contingency plans in place in case the position changes.

As expected, there has been a significant response from teaching professionals, NHS, unions and parents and advice has been changing rapidly. At Thornsett and Newtown Primary Schools, we want to welcome the children back as soon as it is safe to do so for pupils and staff. We have completed detailed risk assessments to ensure staff and parents feel all appropriate measures have been taken. We have been supporting the children of key workers and vulnerable pupils in school for the last two months and already have in place much good practice.


Although school will look and feel different to what the children are used to, our ethos will continue to be supportive and nurturing. The staff will do everything in their power to ensure the children feel safe and are well cared for, but as you will be aware, even by following all necessary safety protocols, it is impossible for any school to guarantee they will remain Coronavirus free.

Thank you to everyone for promptly replying to our initial request to email your thoughts about reopening. This has enabled us to plan and assess risk much more effectively.


Below are some of the arrangements and details regarding the provision, should we be open to children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 pupils, in addition to children of key workers and vulnerable pupils too, based on the responses we received:

  • There will be three groups of children - referred to as bubbles: REC/Y1 (Monday to Thursday), Y6 (Monday to Thursday) and Key Workers / Vulnerable (KWV) (Monday to Friday).
  • These groups will be of a maximum of 15 pupils, although most groups will be significantly less than this.
  • Pupils will be kept in the same groups, with the same staff, in the same rooms and will not be interacting with any other group at all.
  • Windows will be kept open to ensure fresh air is circulated.
  • Dinners will be served to pupils in their classrooms. Due to produce deliveries not being as consistent at the moment, menus may differ to those expected.
  • Only the correct number of chairs and tables will be in the room. All unnecessary furniture and items that can’t be cleaned thoroughly will be removed from all classrooms.
  • Older pupils will have their own table, books and stationery.
  • Arrangements for dropping off and picking up are:
    • REC/Y1 – 8:45am – 3:00pm (front steps into front playground)
    • Y6 – 8:45am – 3:20pm (back gate into back playground)
    • KWV – same arrangements to continue (front steps to main entrance)
  • Parents, carers and guardians will be expected to practise social distancing when arriving at, and leaving, school to ensure our community stays safe. Please be patient and respectful, especially as people move up and down the steps to school and do not linger for conversations too. We would ask that if possible, only one parent drops off at / collects from school.
  • Outdoor activities will be used as much as possible.
  • Children should wear uniform from the waist up, but with joggers / shorts / leggings and trainers.
  • There will be no before and after school provision, or clubs, until September at the earliest.
  • Any pupils who are unwell will be sent home. Any pupils or members of the immediate family with a confirmed case of Covid 19 will need to isolate for 14 days and that group of children’s parents will be notified and those children will not be able to come into school for 14 days. It will be requested that all members of the families are tested.
  • Handwashing routines will be in place.
  • The DFE guidelines, and also our advice, is that although every measure will be taken, we cannot guarantee social distancing in school.    
  • There will be some one-way systems established within school and break times and lunchtimes will be staggered to ensure groups do not cross.
  • Appropriate PPE will be given to staff based on advice at the time and first aid will be administered by a member of staff in goggles, face mask, plastic apron and gloves.
  • Home learning will still be provided for those children not at school. However, due to the additional time, commitment and vigilance required from staff to keep those in school safe, this provision may need to change.

Next steps:

We have based the above plans on the responses from parents and carers for Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 pupils, in addition to children of key workers and vulnerable pupils. If your thoughts are different from those you have stated previously, please let us know by midday on Tuesday 26th May.

If your child is eligible for two different bubbles, DfE advice is they would be expected to be placed with their year group if possible. However, two of the groups are not running on Fridays and children have to remain in the same group. Please let us know by midday on Tuesday 26th May if you would prefer your child not to be with their year group, but in the Key Worker / Vulnerable group.

School will be prepared for the new learning bubbles from Wednesday next week. We have already ensured our daily cleaning complies with all regulations and school will receive a further deeper clean at the end of next week.

There will be further information provided next week too.

We have all missed our pupils and their families and we would like to thank you for your support and hard work.

Please take care of yourselves and stay safe.

Many Thanks,

Mr Parry and the Thornsett team.


May 12th Update

The following link gives details for parents and carers of the possible re-opening of schools from June 1st for children in Reception, Year One and Year Six (and beyond that for all children at Primary School).

We will be consulting DCC, PEGS colleagues, Unions and Staff during the coming days to put in place what we are able to offer. As I'm sure you realise, it will not be all Reception, Year One and Year Six pupils in addition to those at school already (children of key workers and vulnerable pupils) in school at the same time. 

To help us better plan, it is really important that we get some sense of the children that are likely to attend should we be able to open on June 1st. If we know the numbers of children expected, it will massively assist our planning.


Next week, we will hopefully be able to let you know what provision will look like.

Many Thanks,

Mr Parry and the Thornsett Team


April 27th 2020 Newsletter

Dear Parents,

We do hope everyone is staying safe. The current circumstances are providing lots of challenges to us all, but we continue to do our best in delivering the support expected of us. This newsletter will outline some additional clarification around Home Learning and answer some questions we’ve received, as well as an explanation about how to access a new initiative too.

Home Learning Questions

Setting remote Home Learning programmes is something new for us all. We have put a lot of effort into providing appropriate learning and are further developing the programmes as we receive feedback from children, parents and colleagues. We are very grateful for the messages of support and have also worked hard at answering questions related to home learning too.

  • What should Home Learning include?
    There is no guidance, or expectation, about what Home Learning should include. We have taken advice from colleagues, mental health and education experts, the local cluster of schools and feedback from children and parents to put the Home learning together. We have tried to get the balance right, but the programme will continue to evolve over time as we learn more about what works best.
  • Will all schools have the same programme?
    No. Whilst we are keen to share good practice, every school will have introduced their own Home Learning programmes.
  • Can teachers communicate with children through Zoom?
    We have been advised that Zoom should never be used for 1:1 communication between teachers and pupils. As there are still some security / safeguarding issues with Zoom, DCC are advising us to use it only if necessary and following completion of risk assessments, gaining permissions, etc. At the moment, we do not feel using Zoom is necessary. However, we are introducing a weekly ‘video from my teacher’ from Sunday 3rd May (see below).
  • How can we best communicate?
    Each class / school has their own system that seems to be working well, so carry on with these. We will let you know if any new communication systems are introduced? are checked every day.
  • How do I find out about Home Learning for my child?
    Each class has already set out the best way to access the Home Learning. If you are   unsure, please contact school and we will offer our help.
  • What if I find something I really want to do with my child, but it’s not been set by school?                                                           Do it! Please share with us if it went well, so others can have a go as well.
  • What if I want to access learning in a different way?
    Every family’s circumstances are different. Teachers are working incredibly hard to provide an accessible Home Learning programme, but this won’t necessarily suit everyone the same. Find what works for you and your family and know it’s okay to change things if you need to. Some families have asked for practical outdoor learning, whilst others have requested learning that can be done sat down at a table. We are also aware that access to laptops, tablets and reliable fast broadband will vary hugely and this presents challenge too. It is not possible to create a Home Learning programme that meets everyone’s needs perfectly, but it is not practical, or fair, to ask teachers to create individual programmes too. Please remember, both schools have remained open (including over Easter) to support children of key workers and vulnerable families and staff have continued to be at work. Many staff have their own families that also need supporting, but they continue to focus on giving the best support they can.
  • Is the BBC Bitesize learning programme useful?
    We got to see this only last Monday when it was launched, so had not been able to assess its usefulness until last week. Based on what we’ve seen so far it looks good.
    The advantages are:
  • that the learning is well organised and covers not just Maths and English, but other curriculum areas too.
  • that objectives do match those expected in each year group.
  • the activities are well thought out and include some ‘celebrity’ teachers.

The disadvantages are:

  • not all children are working within the objectives for their particular year group, so some learning may be too demanding / not demanding enough.
  • the children may have already covered some of the learning – particularly Maths and English. However, this could be useful revision.
  • Some of the activities require resources that may not be to hand.

If you feel like you would like additional set lessons it is worth considering, as long as you bear in mind the above.

Video From My Teacher

We are responding to messages that the children have really missed their teachers and would love to see them! So, from Sunday 3rd May a weekly ‘video from the teachers’ will be posted on the class pages of the website. The children will have a chance to put a question to their teacher and a lucky few will get their question answered.

Submit questions using the following link:

For security, we will make the class pages of the website password protected. We will text everyone a username and password on Friday that will allow access to their child’s class page.

An important message from the staff…

As we enter our second week described by many as ‘home schooling’, we just want to say for us this is NOT ‘home schooling’. Some children will be having a great time playing at home and might be appreciating the more relaxed pace of life. Children might be missing the structure of school and craving more routine or formal learning. Others will be feeling anxious, missing their friends and might need just to spend time with you to feel safe, without the pressure of continuous school work. We appreciate the differences in all of our children and that’s what makes them all so special and wonderful to teach. The learning we set is there for if you and your child needs it and we are very happy for you to share it too. Equally, if it’s a day that your child needs to chill out, dig up worms, or whatever else helps them to feel calm then that’s okay too. We are here to support our families in whatever way they need. School is about so much more than education and mental health must also be the priority here.

With love from the staff x


I continue to be immensely proud of our school communities as we work together in these difficult and challenging times.

Many Thanks,

Mr Parry and the High Peak Federation Team




Hi all,

Following the success of last week's live session we can't wait for this week's so here are the details:



At BEING OUTDOORS we are going to host a weekly 'live BEING at Home with BEING Outdoors session' on Facebook every Wednesday at our event page: 
Our aim is to help connect the children by sharing in an experience together and we will be sharing some woodland skills to learn along the way.  We also hope this will provide a bit of time where the children can lead their own play creatively with some nature connection - all fab for supporting their wellbeing.
The video will stay available to watch on the event page so the children can access when they wish if they can't join in live. It's all free!




 Hi All,

 As promised, the class teachers have put together an explanation of home learning plans for each class. Please read them carefully…

Sett Class

Miss Williams will continue to send out an email on Monday morning with the children’s mission for the week.

Please see above for the little video from Miss Williams. It’s Engineering Week!

Goyt Class

 Goyt Expected learning:

Daily Maths

  • I have set a Mathletics task for each day starting on Mon 20th, which is available from 7am to 7pm. (Aim for 1000 pts each week)
  • Times tables 5/10 mins each day.

Daily Reading

  • Reading for most children - the aim should be 20 mins each day. For some children this may be split into two shorter sessions, or a mix of child reading and adult reading - you know what your child is capable of. 

Weekly Activities

  • Grammar activity set as a 2do on Purple Mash
  • Spelling set as a 2do on Purple Mash
  • A piece of Writing in their Mystery and Magic topic book: this could be information/letter/poem/story/recipe/newspaper report/fact file etc.
  • A none maths/English activity that I will set on Purple Mash as a 2do.

Purple Mash 2dos - these should appear as an alert at the top of your child's home page. Click on this and they can open the task directly. Your child can save the work and complete it at another time. When your child has completed the task, they should click the 'hand in' button and then click on OK. I can then view and mark their work - sometimes asking them to redo if it could be improved!

Goyt Extra learning:

Some children have 'Explore' tasks assigned on Mathletics that they might like to have a go at - there isn't necessarily just one answer. They should also be using the 'live' element of Mathletics too.

There are still the activities in the folders to have a look at too. (Especially if there is a problem with internet access.)

As always, there needs to be a little 'give and take' in these situations and for some children it will be a real struggle to understand the need to continue with work at home. Please don't feel that if, by the end of a week, everything hasn't been done that this is a huge problem - it isn't. Find a compromise and just do as much as you can whilst still having a happy house. 


Mersey Class

Everything is explained in more detail than below on the Mersey Class page of the website - with a new Vikings topic for everyone. (Thornsett – Pupil Zone – Mersey Class).

The timetable is:

Mon   09:00 a.m  Maths Task- Miss Murphy    11:00 a.m English or Topic Task- Mr Senior

Tues  09:00 a.m   Maths Task- Miss Murphy   11:00 a.m English or Topic Task- Mr Senior

Wed  09:00 a.m   Maths Task- Miss Murphy   11:00 a.m Year Group Reading Quiz- Mr Senior

Thurs  09:00 a.m   Maths Multi-Skill Sheet- Miss Murphy 11:00 a.m GaPS Multi-Skill Sheet- Mr Senior

Friday  Day off from formal assignments

In addition to this, you should still be keeping up with your weekly spellings learning, through Purple Mash.  You should also start using the BBC Bitesize Learning, which will commence on Monday 20th April.  A link for this will be added when the site becomes live. You can direct yourself through the activities that will be posted on here, you don't need a login and there will be daily lessons for each year group.  Sometimes Mr Senior or Miss Murphy will direct you to specific activities that we want you to do.  

Many Thanks,

Mr Parry and the Thornsett Team





Dear Parents,

We hope you are all managing. We are missing all the children, as school seems very quiet with only a handful of children here. The staff have been fantastic at continuing to provide care for the children of key workers and vulnerable pupils, as well as providing learning programmes and links for those at home. We have also ensured children entitled to Free School Meals have received vouchers and Easter hampers too. More vouchers will be issued for after Easter. Thank you to all those who have sent messages of support - they are really appreciated.

 As schools across the UK have closed, all parents up and down the country have faced the similar task of keeping their children healthy, happy and learning at home. At present we have no idea of when, and how, we will re-open. With this in mind, the teachers from each class will provide learning links for a fortnightly period at a time. This will include activities that we would ideally like to see the children engage with as often as possible, as well as a few extra ideas too. However, we recognise that every family dynamic is different and we do not expect parents to become full-time expert carers, teachers, fitness instructors and mental health practitioners overnight - especially when managing the stresses of dealing with a pandemic! Everybody will need to find the routines and pace that work best for them. Some children thrive on sustained regular routined activity, whilst others cope better with short bursts of focus with more rest and it is important to make it work for all in the family. It is key to build in quiet time and rest - even superheroes need a day off once in a while!

The teachers from each class have the following messages to pass on:

Sett Class

Hi to Sett Class. Thank you to all those who sent me their email address (nearly everyone) – it has really helped with communication. If you have not already done so, please send your email address to in order to receive new learning/activities after Easter.

Goyt Class

Hello to Goyt Class – I’m missing you. I was very pleased to see that a number of children had completed tasks set on Purple Mash and accessed Mathletics before Easter - it would be great to see more children using it on a regular basis after Easter. As we are now in the Easter holiday, I'm only going to put a couple of 2dos on Purple Mash from today until Monday 20th April. Hoping that everyone is okay and stays fit and well over the coming weeks. 

Mersey Class

Greetings Mersey Class and hope you are well. A big well done to those of you who followed our learning programmes before the Easter break. For those of you that haven't - it would be great to see you get involved too. Please get in touch if you are having any difficulty accessing learning as we are always happy to help. 

Easter Opening

School is open over the Easter Holiday for the children of key workers and vulnerable children. Please let us know as soon as possible if you require a place for your child, so we can organise staffing. Please note, school meals will not be provided over the Easter period.

I read the following in The Independent yesterday and felt there was some sound advice within the article:




So, with school closed for the foreseeable future, how can parents look out for each other and make sure that their children stay healthy and happy?

Maintain a routine

It can be hard to maintain a routine for both adults and children when you face an entire day spent in the house - things quickly become unstructured. "I think one of the biggest challenges for children during the school closures will be a lack of routine," Claire Goodwin-Fee, a psychotherapy practitioner tells The Independent. "Trying to mimic a classroom environment at home just isn't going to work, but setting out roughly what you plan to do each day could really help," she adds. 

I suggest that parents try and stick to a structure and routine of some kind," Natalie Costa, an education coach, explains. Older children can create a timetable to help them structure their days, Costa recommends.

Goodwin-Fee also says holding a family meeting where everyone can discuss the changes taking place at home. Children may have questions and it's important that parents take the time to explain the coronavirus outbreak in an age-appropriate way."

Exercise and activity

Everyone knows that exercise improves physical health. But perhaps what is less known is the impact it can have on our mental health - this is especially true for children.

Cartwright-Hatton says: "Solitary confinement is not good for human beings, we don't cope with it terribly well - especially children."

Children and young people need to do two types of physical activity each week in order to stay healthy, according to official NHS guidance. This includes aerobic exercise, such as running, as well as exercises to strengthen their muscles and bones.

"Aim for an average of at least 30-60 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity a day across the week," the advice states. "Take part in a variety of types and intensities of physical activity across the week to develop movement skills, muscles and bones."

The guidance also asks parents to reduce the time their children spend sitting or lying down and break up long periods of not moving with some form of activity, such as walking. "Aim to spread the activity throughout the day. All activities should make you breathe faster and feel warmer", it adds. "It is really important not to let your child spend hours in front of a screen, as when we do return to normality the adjustment will be very challenging for them."

"While it’s important to review learning I’d also suggest that parents allow opportunities for children to spend time outside, whether that’s going for a walk or something as simple as playing in the garden," says Costa. 

Dancing can also help children keep active. Costa recommends parents ask their kids to create music playlists that they can move to or follow a routine by online body coach Joe Wicks.

Focused activities such as puzzles and building Lego constructions can help keep children occupied while arts and crafts help them stay creative. But Goodwin-Fee asks parents to remember that these methods won't work for every child.

"It really depends on what your child enjoys doing," she says. "Some kids love arts and crafts while others hate it. Try and introduce them to new things such as cooking or baking".

Socialise as much as possible

Children will undoubtedly miss their classmates and crave the social aspect provided by the classroom. But Goodwin-Fee says parents can make use of technology to fill the void. "Setting up playdates via Skype or Zoom can help while in self-isolation," she says. "My school has sent homework for my child to do, and what I've planned to do is go online with some of the members of his class see we can all see each other and discuss assignments"

Continue learning where you can

Many schools have already begun preparing packs and materials for children to use at home, while a number of charities and education firms are offering resources on their websites.

The National Literacy Trust also launched an online zone for parents looking for ideas and activities whilst their children are home due to school closures. It includes reading and writing activities, book lists, videos, competitions and reading challenges.

Chief executive Jonathan Douglas said: "We want to ensure that every parent across the UK has access to a wide range of exciting activities that will engage their children at home whilst also supporting their literacy development."

Home learning provider Exemplar Education said it has written to schools offering free access to its online maths tuition programme, with lessons available for youngsters aged five to 16.

Meanwhile, the BBC announced it would ramp us its educational programmes to help parents staying home with children. Announcing the move on Wednesday, director general Tony Hall, said the corporation had a special role to play at this time of national need.

"We will also be launching a whole new iPlayer experience for children.  And of course, there will be entertainment – with the ambition of giving people some escapism and hopefully the odd smile."

While parents may be anxious to ensure that their children are learning at home, DECP advises that they don't place too much emphasis on doing academic work: "Parents and carers aren't teachers, and it is important to also spend time building relationships, enjoying shared activities and reassuring children."

10 helpful websites resources to keep the kids busy

1) 123 Homeschool for ME

Free printable worksheets and educational activities to help making learning fun. Resources arranged by grade or subject.


2) 2Simple

Purple Mash is a website designed for children aged 3-11. It contains many creative tools ie: coding, animation, publishing, art and also applications for maths, spelling and grammar.


3) BBC Bitesize

Bitesize is the BBC's free online study support resource for school-age students in the United Kingdom. It is designed to aid students in both schoolwork and, for older students, exams.


4) 5-a-day

Lots of exercise activties for movement breaks.



ABDO's entire eBook collection is now available to students to access at home for free.


6) ActivityVillage

Activity Village provides thousands of colouring pages, crafts, puzzles, worksheets and more, for parents and teachers.


7) All Kids Network

We offer FREE educational resources, worksheets, writing prompts, themed colouring pages, craft and snack ideas for parents, teachers and caregivers.


8) Artrageous with Nate

Videos about artists and art projects to create.


9) Bamboo Learning

Bamboo Learning offers FREE voice-based applications (Alexa skills) that cover a range of academic subjects, including math, ELA/listening comprehension, and social studies.


10) Black Box Education

Digital and interactive resources for drama, dance and theatre.



Thank you for helping us in responding to texts, phone calls and emails regarding provision for Key Worker's children. The staff have been brilliant in how they have responded to rapid change and uncertainty in putting a plan together.

The following information will help everything run smoothly:

Thornsett Information

School Opens at 8am, but children will need breakfast provided from home.

Children should be in non-uniform that can get dirty and bring outdoor walking boots / wellies and PE kit.

Hot dinners will be provided, but children in Y3-Y6 will need to pay as normal for these.

Children from Mersey Class should bring their learning packs each day, as part of their day will be dedicated to the same leaning that their peers will be engaged with.

School ends at 3.30pm.

There will be a teacher, teaching assistant and midday assistant on site each day.



On behalf of the children, staff and governors at Thornsett Primary School (a member of the High Peak Federation) I would like to welcome you to our School website.

Thornsett Primary School is a place where all staff are dedicated to providing a stimulating and exciting environment where everyone feels valued and safe. Creativity and ideas can flourish and children can maximise their progress. By providing a varied and creative curriculum, which engages our children, and by promoting excellent behaviour, we aim to enthuse in all our children a desire to learn, a caring nature and a respect for one other.

Our Vision:


Ofsted recognised this and judged us a 'Good' school in March 2017.

We hope you enjoy our website and are encouraged to visit us and join the Thornsett community. 

Ashley Parry (Executive Head teacher)

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